Tim Hovde | | Madison, Virginia, USA


Please let us know if you require a certain size, shape, color, and/or style of artwork.  Tim has been creating artwork based on a clients ideas and desires for over twenty years.



Artwork up to 48 inches in any direction will be shipped via FedEx.  Larger artwork will require freight shipping and we will contact you to arrange this service.


Tim has over twenty years experience handling artwork of any size and/or shape.  We are happy to discuss your specific needs with delivery and installation of artwork.


Tim Hovde licenses images to a wide range of art consultants, designers, hospitality, and retail spaces.  Tim is quite capable of painting the quantity, size, style that you require in an expeditious manner.  Hovde's approach to licensing is unique, in that we are happy to simply provide you with high resolution digital files. However, if you'd like Tim’s creative thinking on your side, he is happy to work with you to create fresh mockups for any type of setting. Tim is easy to work with, very reliable, and works in an expeditious manner so that you can meet your deadlines. 


Please tell us about your project and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs: