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Questions & General Info:
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Please enjoy the art installation images below.  This page should give the viewer an idea of what is possible within their environment.  All artwork listed here is sold, however new paintings based on those listed can be commissioned (email:  There are currently no limits to the size of artwork that can be created as well as the color scheme.

Tim is a prolific artist and does not limit himself to one medium or style of artwork. Currently Hovde is painting large scale landscapes from the east and west coast.

Chicago High Rise Condo

 Big Red #1 Large Scale Oil on canvas 















Imperfection of Perfection #2 Large Scale Oil on canvas

Big Ink Eagle #23 Large Scael Ink on Paper

Circular Rendition Double Sided Large Scale Sculpture - Oil on Wood

Tim & Bailey at the Show in Scottsdale, AZ

Big Red #2 Oil on canvas Large Scale Installation

Pooling Rhapsodia Large Scale Oil on Canvas

Pooling Oceans Glory - Oil on Canvas

Pooling Chocolate - Oil/texture on Wood

Virgin Color Feminine - Oil on Canvas

Virgin Color Circular Rendition, Dans Le Jardin #23, Grazing on Color

Exhibition in Arizona - Big Inks - Large Scale Ink Paintings

At the Exhibit in Vegas - Pooling Rhapsodia #18 - Oil on Wood

Virgin Color Sunrise to Sunset, Dans Le Jardin 1 & 4, Urban Cowboy 

Symbol of Sound - Large  Scale - Mixed Media on Canvas

Sienna Mix - Large Scale Multi-Panel - Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas