All artwork sold on this website is original, signed by the artist, Tim Hovde.

How to purchase:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal for purchases. 


Shipping is Free

Shipping is via USPS, FedEx, or Freight, insured for the value of the purchase. 

We will notify you with the tracking number when your painting has been shipped.  Shipping time depends on the size of the artwork and shipper.  Should you receive your package damaged in transit, please contact your UPS or FEDEX office for assistance with handling claims as we cannot be held liable once the package is not in our possession.


Returns & Exchanges

You have 48 hours from time of receipt of artwork to return the artwork.  Return shipping and insurance must be paid by purchaser.  Tim Hovde is not responsible for the condition or damages to any painting once it is no longer in our possession. We take every effort to carefully pack your painting.  Your painting will be insured for its value and can be taken up with the shipper if there is any damage.   


Care of artwork

It is highly recommended to keep paintings in an optimal environment - at a temperature between 60°F-80°F and 40%-60%RH (relative humidity). Variations, particularly wide changes in a short amount of time, can cause the canvas to loosen.  If your canvas loosens, please contact a local framer to have it re-stretched or you can purchase elmers glue and a water spray bottle.  Put two squirts of elmers glue into full water spray bottle, shake bottle until mixed thoroughly.  Spray back of painting with a light spray.  Let dry.  Canvas will become taught.  


Studio Location:

Hovde's studio is located in Virginia.

While viewing the artwork in any section of this website, you may have general questions, want to request a portfolio, join the mailing list, and/or inquire about pricing or a commission, please feel free to email us at gallery@timhovde.com