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Tim Hovde is an Abstract Expressionist Fine Artist currently residing in Virginia.  Painting large scale oil landscapes on location and from his photographs including; canyons, mountains, sunrise/sunset, gardens.

Experiencing Tim Hovde’s paintings is like diving into into a pool of pure color. Monumental in size, the viewers are enveloped by the thick textures and strong hues of his extraordinary pieces finding themselves immersed in a garden like no other. For the last thirty years, Tim uniquely translates his reality into paintings that are visually appealing as abstractions, yet remain true to the essence of his subject. 

Born in North Dakota, Hovde was influenced by his father who was a professional photographer where he grew up immersed in the world of art, music and photography.  Tim believes the "art" of painting is a talent you are born with.  For the last thirty years, Tim’s paintings come from the places to which he has traveled.  The images that end up on his canvases are often from the places that inspire him. An afternoon spent walking through the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris inspired the Dans le jardin series.  The highly textured Pooling series comes from sunrises and sunsets.  Most recently Tim has begun painting major landscapes from around the United States. 

Tim's artwork takes a view of the natural world that surrounds us.  He deconstructs landscapes, canyons, gardens, and waterfalls with bold strokes or quick energetic picks and pokes of a brush or palette knife, over and over again.  Listening to the beat of music helps him make the thousands of quick movements, strokes and scrapes that create a painting from start to finish.

The major abstract expressionist artists from the American post - World War II movement continue to influence his work.  The power that Kandinsky, Pollack, Ernst, and de Kooning's paintings hold are an inspiration to Tim.

Gallery/Museum Representation

Muir Fine Art Gallery, Houston, Texas

Gallery360Designs, Online

 The Art Department Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

Private Collections

Virginia, Florida, California, Chicago, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Canada, Netherlands, Monaco

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